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International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

ISC International Standards Consulting, established in 2015, brings together the professional experience of its founders from R&D, production, quality management and reliability assessment in industry and academia. The team at ISC specialises in providing services focused on standardisation, recognising its pivotal role in enhancing quality and efficiency in development and production processes. We aim to expedite development timelines, facilitate smooth product transitions, and uphold stringent production standards, including ISO 9001. The ISC team offers consulting services in standardisation to industrial, academic, and public organisations. This includes developing standardisation strategies to boost commercial success and competitiveness. ISC guides the development of standards across various bodies such as ISO, IEC, DIN, DKE, and SEMI, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout. Additionally, ISC assists clients in transforming their existing Standard Operating Procedures into industry-specific solutions tailored to their needs.

Role within DigiCell

ISC operates the secretariat of IEC TC 113 on nanotechnology and is leveraging its extensive experience across various standardisation domains. Additionally, ISC is utilising its consulting expertise in strategically deploying standards to disseminate project outcomes within the international standardisation community, ensuring their implementation in new standards.

Main contacts

Photo of Norbert Fabricius
Norbert Fabricius

Team Leader

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Werner Bergholz

Deputy Team Leader

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Gerd Weking

Team Member