Transforming Battery Manufacturing
with Digital Modelling
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  1. Improve Battery Performance and Manufacturing: DigiCell aims to develop a more efficient and sustainable process for producing lithium-ion batteries and beyond lithium battery technologies with an enhanced electrochemical performance.
  2. Reduce Production Costs & Waste: DigiCell strives to minimise resource consumption and associated expenses during battery production by transferring metrics from science into gigafactories.
  3. Implement Advanced Techniques: DigiCell aspires to integrate new measurement tools, multi-scale modelling, AI, and machine learning into battery manufacturing for better, more accurate and powerful results.
  4. Progress Towards an Integrated EU Energy Materials Platform: DigiCell seeks to develop an interoperable database interfaced with an Open Innovation Platform (also set up in DigiCell) to act as a data repository for material and cell testing and to create a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  5. Validate Methodologies and Provide Benchmarks: DigiCell strives to systematically vary process and formulation parameters on a large scale to build a database for AI-driven predictive modelling for battery life cycle and state of health (SoH).
  6. Develop Accurate, Validated Physics-based Models: DigiCell aims to develop pilot line hybrid models for predictive modelling with optimisation methods to predict the performance, quality, and state of health (SoH) of battery cells and to optimise pilot line processes and pack testing which can lead to significant energy savings.
  7. Align and Synergise: DigiCell plans to contribute to the targets outlined in the European Green Deal, the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan and the EU’s 2050 long-term strategy and foster collaboration within the European battery research ecosystem (fellow research projects, EU Battery Alliance, Battery 2030+, etc.).
  8. Boost European Battery Competitiveness: DigiCell endeavours to foster excellence in battery manufacturing across Europe to create a more competitive battery system.