Transforming Battery Manufacturing
with Digital Modelling
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The DigiCell project aims to revolutionise the battery value chain by transforming the manufacturing and testing processes of battery cells and packs. Using advanced modelling and machine learning techniques, DigiCell seeks to make these processes more efficient, reliable, and sustainable. The project applies AI-based models to simulate battery behaviour under various conditions and to correlate battery performance with material properties. This approach allows for real-time simulations and information exchange with actual production lines, significantly reducing material waste and enhancing battery life-cycle performance. Ultimately, DigiCell's innovations will contribute to a greener future by supporting the transition to renewable energy sources and the electrification of transportation.

01/01/2024 start date
36 months of duration
6 Mil. € Budget
14 partners from 7 countries

DigiCell combines advanced battery and materials tests with multi-physics modelling and integrates them into an open-environment ecosystem. This way, we are aiming to revolutionise the EU scientific landscape for batteries, supported by AI-based data analytics. With DigiCell, we are generating a long-term impact by increasing the competitiveness of large-scale industrial production of batteries in Europe.

- Dr Nawfal Al-Zubaidi-R Smith

Project Technical Lead
Keysight Technologies Austria

By transforming the manufacturing and testing processes of individual cells and complete automotive packs with advanced modelling and machine learning, we are making the battery value chain more efficient, reliable and sustainable.

- Ferry Kienberger

Project Coordinator
Keysight Technologies Austria