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Federal Institute of Metrology

The Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) was founded in 1862 under the name 'Eidgenössische Eichstätte' and since then it has become the national metrology institute of Switzerland. As a national metrology institute, it is responsible for providing measurements and consulting services to Switzerland and the European Community. The RF and Microwave Laboratory at METAS is located in one of the temperature-stabilised buildings and has outstanding expertise in quantitative measurements of electromagnetic material properties at the nanoscale. In the frame of the activities regarding RF&MW measurements, the laboratory has developed its own library for uncertainty propagation. This software is available to the public at

Role within DigiCell

In DigiCell, METAS extends the library UncLib to propagate uncertainties through machine learning algorithms. METAS applies the library to machine learning problems in the frame of battery characterisation. Additionally, METAS conducts traceable EIS measurements.

Main contacts

Photo of Johannes Hoffmann
Johannes Hoffmann

Team Leader

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Frédéric Overney

Deputy Team Leader