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Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

The Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT) is Austria’s largest non-university research institute with more than 50 years of experience in laboratory development, research and accredited testing. AIT provides research and technological development to realise essential innovations for the next generation of infrastructure-related technologies in the low-emission transport field. Unlike universities that focus on basic research and address short-term exploitation, AIT covers the entire spectrum from taking up emerging technologies, first proof of concepts, over applied research to transferring these emerging technologies into specific applications up to demonstrators and prototyping. AIT is an internationally recognised centre for electric drive concepts involved in the testing and evaluation of electric components including a wide range of measurements for cells, battery modules and packages.

AIT’s Materials and Battery Research laboratory is dedicated to the development of new electrode materials for LIB and beyond Li chemistries (e.g. Mg and solid state batteries), the creation of new designs for batteries, improving the energy capacity of electrode materials, improving stability and cycling etc.

Role within DigiCell

The AIT contributions include:

  • Investigating the formation, evolution, and degradation mechanism of the solid electrolyte interface layer (SEI) on Mg|Mg symmetric cells using innovative characterisation methods.
  • Identification of the gas species evolved upon cell cycling (Si-C LIB, potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg)-ion) to aid the evaluation of the SEI properties (e.g. composition).
  • Understanding the degradation phenomena of end-of-life Li-ion cells delivered by partners via in-depth characterisation to assess the feasibility of the active materials for second-life applications.
  • Developing single-layer Mg-ion pouch cell prototype.

Main contacts

Photo of Martina Romio
Martina Romio

Team Leader

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Jürgen Kahr

Deputy Team Leader

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Irshad Mohammad

Team Member